BBC News got a hold of a recent footage in which a man caught on camera who was allegedly keying an Aston Martin V8 Vantage which you can see below.

It should be noted that an Aston Martin is worth around £100,000 and was left in a supermarket car park in Hackney, London. It was unfortunate that the guy in question has a baby with him but that did not stop him in doing his nefarious scheme. You can see in the video how we went and look for any unsuspecting passersby and seeing that there was no one nearby, he went and proceeded with the keying. You can even hear the cringe worthy sound of him keying the Aston Martin.

Unfortunately for him, what he did and every detail about it was captured in a camera that was placed on the vehicle's dashboard.
That is going to cost the owner a lot of repairs which amounts to £9,000 worth of damage to the vehicle.
I guess he did not see that coming. Hackney police confirmed that a 48-year-old man has been arrested under suspicion of criminal damage and has been taken to a north London police station for questioning. We hope that no similar incident will happen in the future especially now that this news came to light.