The video posted below seems like an average everyday chat session until the guys at Realm Pictures did something unique and completely out of this world that surprised a huge number of people.

The premised behind the video entitled, “Real Life First Person Shooter (Chatroulette version)”

is that of a real life first person shooter. The video started off with a guy asking for help to guide and control him as he walks his path. Of course since this was a chat session there are no controllers available for them to physicaly control the said character. What they did was they used voice controls along with chat commands to help move the player forward. What a started as a careful investigation of a certain room turned into some sort of a zombie apocalypse as the people in the chat gave commands to the player to run and sometimes engage in combat. They found some guns, grenades, and even added a mini turret section for first person shooter fans out there.
The controlled player has a life bar and not everyone was able to reach the end of the level as they were devoured by zombies.
The final level also features a huge crazy boss which makes it feel like an overall complete video game experience.