You can get yourself a vintage-style pendant with a nature accent in it. You can choose from the many pendants carefully crafted by Stanislava Korobkova, a Russian jewelry designer. Stanislava is based in Dublin and she makes it a point that she can include tiny flowers and leaves that she gets from her Irish wilderness in her beautiful pendants. The pendants are painstakingly created with the use of glass that is pressed. Then the flowers or leaves are inserted into it; after which, the pressed glass is then sealed off with metal. It’s the same thing that is done on lamps that are sold in Tiffany. You would truly be mesmerized by the effects of the process.

According to Stanislava, nature creates beautiful things and these things can be preserved by simply framing every tiny bit for it to last forever. These pendants can be bought from Etsy. Now, let’s take a look at each photo.

The first one is that of a single leaf with its complicated veins. It is found within clear pressed glass that is shaped like a leaf too.

The second photo shows you the varieties of pendants from petal pendants to butterfly wing pendant. These pendants that have the color of the natural elements within them are pressed in anchor-shaped glass. The next set of pendants has circle shaped glass pressed with tiny flowers inside them. Each pendant exudes purity and simplicity which makes it a good I love you gift or a birthday gift to a special lady who loves nature.

The next photo displays a couple of anchor-shaped vintage pendants with different leaves and petals in it. You can find a blue pendant with tiny string-shaped leaves. There’s also the brownish seaweed-looking leaves pendant. You can also choose a single white petal that is shaped like a thumb.

Then next set of circle pendants with tiny flowers and leaves in them is multicolored. You can have one with a tiny light orange flower. It gives off femininity in every inch.

Another pendant of the same shape has a tiny purple flower in it while the other one has a tiny clover-looking leaf in it. Any young lady would be amused by it.

The next photo is that of an angular pendant with tiny deep blue flowers in it. This pendant will look exquisitely good on any mature woman. But that’s doesn’t mean the young ones can’t wear it too.

The next photo shows the anchor-shaped pendant with black metal edges. It has butterfly wing on it. This would go well with any evening outfit, and also if you are aiming for a gothic look.

The next photo is that of diamond-shaped pendants with black metal edges. Each pendant has unique and almost strange-looking flowers inside it. This is fit for anyone who wants to look different from the rest.