Those little fluffy balls can make your day just by goofing around. Puppies come as a cure for every problem. If you’re lonely get a puppy; it will be like you’re having a baby, just in animal edition. Plus puppies will grow up and we know dogs are the best man's friend. It’s known fact that dog can put you in a better mood and help to relieve the stress. To show you the great power of little fluffy balls we brought you this video to see the reaction of people when puppies come around.

Story behind the puppies’ power

You probably thought this was just another cute animal video on the internet. Well, you are right, but there is a greater story behind this puppy video. SoulPancake -the world’s most recognized positive, inspiring media and entertainment company, joined forces with Puppy Chow to reveal the power of puppies by creating a video where we got an answer on “Can puppies fix boredom?”

Here comes the great part. For every video view Puppy Chow will donate a pound to Puppy Chow Natural to Rescue Bank. Rescue bank is a non-profit organization committed to supporting the animal rescue and rehabilitation community with needed supplies and services.

Puppy show time

We can see how a typical day at the gym looks like, preschool and retirement home. Bodybuilders are working out as crazy, kids having those “what I’m doing here” look on the face and old people just sitting and having small chit chats. But what will happen when puppies show up?

After seeing the puppies, a big smile appeared on their faces. Everyone was extremely excited about little furry balls; kids, oldies and bodybuilders were playing with them. Some kissed little puppies and some managed to take a few selfies with them, for Instagram purposes of course.

“I don’t feel tired anymore actually, it took all that away”, “I wish they were always there after a workout”- are just one of positive comments for a puppy show time. It’s really incredible how these little creatures can affect humans.

Should you get a puppy?

After watching this video you have probably thought “Should I get one puppy as well”? Well, we say you should. Puppies are great; you won’t feel lonely plus they have an amazing positive effect on people. If you have time to take care of the puppy properly, then don’t wait anymore, visit the closest shelter as soon as you can!