You can see many different faces there; from hipsters, girls with questionable morals to alcoholics and junkies, but you won’t pay attention to normal human beings who just want to have a safe ride on their way to home. To see how people are reacting to not-so-normal things in the subway, comedian used fake book covers for the hidden camera video purpose.

The subway is a black hole of weird things

If you live in a big city and don’t feel like spending the rest of your day sitting in your car during a rush hour, you are probably taking rides with the bus or the subway. Buses or subways are always crowded, but it's better to be in a crowded place than to wait for hours in traffic jams. Many people try to look as inconspicuous as they can while riding the subway by listening to music or staring at their phone. In this modern society, everyone is scrolling through their smart phones, but why not read a book while you are riding the subway?

Some people lie about reading books, to make them look more intelligent or whatever, but who lies about reading books which make them look deranged or perverted? Nobody but Scott Rogowsky, comedian who used fake book covers while riding on the subway.

People couldn't believe

Comedian Scott Rogowsky decided to make subway ride more awkward for him than it should be. In a city where weird things happen on the subway every day, Rogowsky’s fake covers still managed to leave a strong impression on other riders in a subway. He seems like any other rider, sitting innocently in his seat among the other passengers, but he pulls out a metaphorically loud book that welcomes curious looks from nearby passengers. He nonchalantly holds up each book as people stare, furrow their brows, chuckle, and whisper to their friends. Some even managed to take a picture of him.

Some of our favorite fake book tittles Scott made up are: “Gone Girl2: Even Goner”, “How To Hold A Fart In”, “Getting Away With Murder – For Dummies”, “1000 Places To See Before You Are Executed by Isis”, “Mein Kampf – For Kids” and "101 Penis –Lengthening You Can Do At Home, The Office Or On The Go". We hope you understand now why he was getting crazy looks.

Prank it yourself!

You don’t have to be comedian to do a prank, although of course they’re doing it better than us – noobs. But life is one so why not to give a shot? A Camera and your best buddy are all you need- goof around and have fun! Maybe you will figure out some awesome viral joke as well.