Don’t think this is the only case where a UFO has been seen in a past few days. The next footage was captured during the night so it will be a little bit harder to notice it. Location, where this UFO has been spotted, is in Rhode Island. A man and his girlfriend were in the car, driving on the highway when they spotted weird lights. Two lights hovered over the highway, over to the left and then broke apart and went separately on opposite sides of the highway. “Lights” were moving with incredible speed and it is impossible for all of this to be a coincidence.

Mystery to Be Solved

Human beings have been spotting strange things in the skies since the dawn of history, the idea that some of them are actually technological devices is relatively recent. This strange thing, or how modern society calls them “UFO’s”, the mystery has never gone away, and has certainly never been explained to universal satisfaction. It is now even more deeply ingrained in the public consciousness than ever before. Whether you are a believer or not, it is a fact that Unidentified Objects are seen and have been seen since ancient times in the earth’s atmosphere.

The Truth Is Out There

After reading this and looking at the video, do you consider it as lies or something real? The universe is still unknown to us and we don’t know what’s all out there. You may think UFO’s are just fiction, but don't rule out all the possibilities yet. Like Fox Mulder would say: "The truth is out there".

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