Daredevils (stuntman) are risking their lives while doing stunts; one wrong move and you are 3 feet under the ground next day. Adrenaline is leading them to do things that normal people wouldn’t ever try to; they’re really living on the edge. Sometimes your heart beats as crazy when you’re watching stunts, can you only imagine how they are feeling at the moment? Backflip over speeding formula E-car left us speechless and we’re sure it will do the same to you.

Danger doesn't even describe it


Damien Walters is a British runner, former gymnast, and crazy stuntman. Walters has previously performed stunts in action movies like Captain America, Skyfall, and Assassin’s Creed, and is not a stranger to action and danger. He was a stunt double for Daniel Craig in Skyfall and Michael Fassbender in Assassin’s Creed.

But he went one step ahead and did something that no one else did before. Walters stood facing a Formula E-car as it approached him from behind and perform a backflip over the car as it passed below him. This stunt required a lot of preparation and practice, and his life would be in danger if only one thing went wrong.

Practice means perfection


/Spark-Renault SRT_01E Formula E race car/

It takes skills and impeccable timing, as well as days of planning and rehearsals to pull off this stunt. In the video, we can see Walters preparing for his backflip. It required Walters to time his backflip perfectly so that he doesn’t jump too quick or too slow. He also had to remain in the air long enough to allow the Formula E-car to pass beneath him as he rotates his body in the air.

When the moment came for Walters’ final run, we could see worried faces in the crowd. We won’t lie; we were worried as well. But his practice paid off and he jumped over a speeding car with no consequences. The phrase “never try this at home” was never more applicable than now.

Don’t try this at home


Daredevils are really crazy people, but they practice a lot before performing a stunt. As we said before, one bad move can be fatal. So don’t goof around, but if you really want to be next famous daredevil find a professional trainer. Also, if you would like a different perspective of the stunt; then you should watch 360-degree version of the video where you can change directions of a camera to view Walters while he is performing this stunt.