Can you just imagine if a baby is blind? That is not bound to happen unless a certain intervention is done. This is the case of a four-month-old baby from Seattle named Leopold Wilbur Reppond who has a condition called oculocutaneous albinism that makes him visually impaired.

Baby Leopold has not seen his biological parents ever since he first came out into the world. It is said that if a person is impaired in one of his senses, it would be compensated by a having another sense that is keener. You would see this with Baby Leopold as he recognizes his dad through the feel if his beard and his mom through the feel of her face. Yes, the baby does this with the use of his teeny weeny hands.

Then suddenly a great gift from heaven came for the baby. Miraflex had come up with a special pair of glasses for his condition. Instantly, Baby Leopold was given the chance to see for the first time. It was Baby Leopold’s mom who out the special glasses on him for the first time and she kept calling his attention. It took several seconds before the baby realized that he could already see. The moment he realized it and recognized his mom’s voice, his tightly sealed lips slowly broke into a sweet, soul-inspiring smile.

Let’s take a minute to understand what Baby’s condition is. Oculocutaneous albinism is a group of disorders that is inherited which is characterized by reduced or complete lack of melanin pigment in the hair, eyes, and skin.

The video would be great deal for mothers. This shows what impact a mother has on her child, even just the sight of her. The photos presented show how the baby looks glum and cut off from the real world at first, as he tries to play with his fingers while inside his walker. The second photo shows how Baby Leopold is given the special eyeglasses. He allows his mom to put it on him without cringing or any form of resistance. He just stays there patiently waiting for his mom to finish the task. Nothing happens in the first few seconds until finally a huge smile breaks out from his lips. All the time, Leopold’s mom is holding him and calling him.

Then the miracle happens. Baby Leopold sees his mom’s first for the first time. His priceless, toothless smile says it all. That’s when you know that Baby Leopold’s life would never be the same again; it would be much, much better.

This condition that Baby Leopold suffers from comes in different types, and these types are being added more now. Type 1 is characterized by very white skin, hair, and irises. Type 2 is not as severe as type 1 while the third affects those who are dark-skinned. Type 4 shows symptoms that are the same with type 2.