His task was to destroy or break a blue board in two using only his foot and you can see how well he fares on the video below.Kids engage in different activities that their parents enroll for them. Taekwondo is quite popular for young children as they help teach discipline as well as self defense.
Furthermore, kids just look too darn cute when they wear their Taekwondo uniforms and Gis.

First he was given instruction on how to effectively break the board in half using his right foot. Once every were setup and ready to go, the kid clearly forgotten how to break the board as he went right straight in by jumping over the board and stepping on it repeatedly. Of course, this was not the proper way to break the board and we can see by his efforts that it is not going very well. Fortunately, the instructor is very patient and giving, giving the young boy ample of opportunity to break the board.
We can see further unconventional means on how the kid was trying to break the board such as kicking it over and using his palm. He was able to get his form right and was finally able to break the board receiving his white belt in return.