From year to year, we keep seeing, reading about what the world has turned into. And sometimes only one little thing can change all of our views and thoughts. Today we bring you some heart touching news from Australia. Check out below what happened with two complete strangers and why people of Australia felt so emotional after what has happened.

Hard Times, Hard Choices

Ashleigh is a woman who needs someone else's help to see her family. After she lost her father, unexpected expenses came up and she had to take a credit for it. With the time, Ashleigh has been working really hard, together with her husband, to give back the money she took but she couldn’t fulfill the promise she gave to her mother. She’s all alone, with no mom or family around her and a promise was she’ll visit them again soon, but circumstances didn’t allow it. So Ashleigh is in a search for money so she can some time with her mom and family.

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