Ashleigh's visit depends on a stranger's decision. Kate was plucked off the street so she can hear Ashleigh's story and to decide will she take the money or she will give it away to Ashleigh. When your life wish depends on a stranger's decision, it’s not easy at all. You never know what kind of person you have in front of you and to be honest; who doesn’t like to have extra $5k in the pocket? But what Kate did, touched the whole world.

Life Lesson for Everyone

Same as Ashleigh needed the money, so did Kate. Both of these women have sad life stories. Kate is a mother and wife, and she is trying to find the ways to make it through the day. She works nights and weekends as a cleaner at her daughter's pre-school to make the ends meet. Her husband is doing all he can to support his family, but the need for money is huge.

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