There is a good reason for that. Their behavior doesn't stop to fascinate us. But today, we brought you something that will truly amaze you.

Is this a reality?

Over the weekend, Melissa Tonkin from Altoona, Pennsylvania left a pizza shop and spotted a group of impatient dogs who are doing not so dog-like thing to do. Two adorable pups were in the car, one as a driver behind the wheel and the other as a back passenger. Even the thought about a scene where dog gives a ride to another dog makes us to giggle and laugh.

In this case, however, the dog wasn’t giving a ride to another dog; they both were impatiently waiting for their owner. What would be the best way to get their owner attention from a locked car? Yes, you have guessed it; to horn as crazy! That’s exactly what “driver dog” did; he didn’t move his paws from the horn. While driver dog was going crazy, second dog was just chilling and keeping an eye open hoping to see their owner return. Seems like they love going for rides, but they really hate to wait.

Don’t blame it on the pups

We all know dogs love to jump on people, push them out of their way to get through doors, rush their way in and out of the car or the crate up and down the stairs. Dogs can be impatient and pushy. Dogs, same as humans can feel emotions and they also can switch mood from normal to crazy in a second. These dogs have officially transcended in human way of crazy thinking. How else would you describe their ability to horn?

How would you react?

We can just imagine how owner reacted upon returning to the car. We hope he was not angry, but proud of his pups, which showed a true ability to react in a proper way. In the end, who wouldn't like to have these kinds of pets?