Especially when there's about twenty or thirty of them gathered around someone's house in a lovely little suburb. The thing is, the ladies and gentlemen in B.A.C.A. are indeed some tough-looking people. But that's by no means the coolest thing about them. In fact, B.A.C.A. stands for Bikers Against Child Abuse, an absolutely amazing non-profit organization which was founded back in 1995 in Provo, Utah with a view to making sure that the children who were abused were safe and sound at all times. Paying for therapy was - and still is, as a matter of fact - still in their job description. At the moment, they've got chapters in forty-eight states and eight other countries, New Zealand and Iceland being just two of them. Pretty awesome, right?
Their Facebook page, Bikers Against Child Abuse International, has got more than 600,000 likes and the wonderful messages posted there are proof that their actions have indeed struck a chord with people from all over the world.

The founder's name is John Paul Lilly. A therapist and social worker, he goes by the name "Chief" and not unexpectedly, he looks exactly like the average biker, but there's one thing about him that stands out right away. We're talking about the look of sheer kindness in his eyes, which seems to be the norm among the people in B.A.C.A.

Anyway, the whole thing started with Chief gathering some of his biker pals to guard the house of an abused eight-year-old who was too scared to even go outside for an entire day and night. After they did this, the little boy's mother called to tell them that her child was now happily riding his bike and drawing great pleasure from being outside. When Chief realized just how great an effect a few bikers' actions could have on children, he knew exactly what he had to do.

Needless to say, they've managed to change the destiny of a great many people so far, but one of their most impressive cases is the one of a girl known as Fa, who was sexually abused by her stepfather when she was only ten years old. It was only two years later that she plucked up the courage to go to her mother and tell her what was going on. They pressed charges right away, but the trial was going to start in three years, so Fa and her mother were going to live in fear all that time.

However, that wasn't the case, because Chief and his fellas came into action and intimidated the heck out of that terrible man

Fa became part of the biker gang and Tombstone - don't worry, he's probably one of the nicest guys in B.A.C.A. - has been quite a father figure for her all this time.

The bikers have also accompanied her to every important event that called for a lot of patience and courage on her side.

For instance, they were there when she had to testify against her father, and they were also present when she graduated. She's now in college full-time and she's also working full-time. Watch the video below for more in-depth info about these bikers with a heart of gold and let us know what you think about their initiative in the Comments section