Usually, kids are stroking their cats, goofing around with their dogs or being so adorable while playing with little turtles. But the little girl from this video isn’t like one of those typical kids, she decided to go step ahead and to take a stroll with a rhino. We would choose this girl and her rhino as the winner in the category kids-animals videos and if you are curious why, check out below.

Meet the Lovely Rhinos

When you read the article's name you have probably thought “how a little girl can take a walk with rhino when they are dangerous”. But guess again. Rhinos are fast, big and incredible fighters, of course when they want to be. They are dangerous, but rhinos prefer to keep it to themselves. Surely when they feel threatened, they will fight, but other than that rhinos are pacifists.

This endangered species is pretty awesome. The name 'Rhinoceros' comes from the Greek words 'Rhino' (nose) and 'Ceros (horn). Interesting fact about their horn is that horn is made from a protein called keratin, the same substance nails are made of. Also not all rhinos use their horn for defense, some like to use to their teeth. If you think their skin is unbreakable you are wrong again. Rhino skin is very thick and sensitive and the reason they like to wallow in the mud is to protect them from insects and sunburns. Despite their big bodies, rhinos have small brains, and no, this doesn’t mean they’re stupid. And one more amusing fact about rhinos is that their pregnancy lasts forever; they’re pregnant for 15 to 16 months!

Special Little Bond

The parents of this little girl probably knew rhino won’t harm her, so that’s why they allowed her to take a stroll with a white baby rhino named Ringo. “Mom, I’m teaching him how to walk next to me”, said the girl while being happy and amused to see not-so-typical animal next to her. And she made her goal; at first, Ringo was behind her, but in a bit he joined to her side. These two are really an utterly cute duo and they won our award for cuteness.

Lifetime Experience

We wish we had been given the opportunity to experience the meet and greet the little girl in the video has. If you have a chance to learn and to see in person this fascinating species, you should. Not even one animal is dangerous as long as they don’t feel threatened, so if you get a chance to be a friend for a while with some fascinating species, don’t miss it out.