But what happens when they get into a conflict with a government? Well, this will surely be a topic to talk about and a mocking material for months, if not even more…How did two little dogs got Johnny Depp into a clash with the Australian government? We're here with the details:

Start of Soap-Opera


Johnny Depp was filming a new movie in Australia and his beloved Amber decided to visit him, but not alone, she had to bring dogs with her as well. All went downhill when Amber decided to go against the law. Maybe she didn’t know law rules or she just simply decided to avoid them.

Australia is known for its strict quarantine laws designed to keep diseases out of the country. Amber’s dogs, arriving from the USA, had to spend 10 days in quarantine, but Amber wasn’t up for that idea. Because of it, she received one-month good behavior bond and if she breaks it she will need to pay $1,000.

To spice the entire situation, even more, the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, Barnaby Joyce, threatened to put the dogs down if they were not returned to the USA. And the hate between Joyce and Depp was born.

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