A couple of high school students from a biology team in Chiba University in Japan would simply put these adults to shame. In fact, the good old curiosity could bring people toward places no one has ever been into. This type of curiosity is what brought a couple of young Japanese ladies who brought to life a little chick simply through the use of a plastic wrap, an egg, and a plastic cup and placing this inside the incubator.


The girls’ science project was supervised by their teacher Mr. Tahara who explained that they used a clear container so everything that took place since day 1 could be seen clearly until the day it hatched. No one has ever done it and this resulted to the experiment ending up in many scientific journals all around the globe.

The entire experiment was well documented in a video.. At first, it was thought that the girls would be cooking something delectable since one of them was cracking an egg and placing it in a plastic container.

It only appeared ridiculous to the one asking who was also the narrator in the video when one of the girls said that they were not cooking but instead they would be hatching a chick without the egg. One of the girls gave her that irritated look when it seemed that nobody believed her when she tried to convince the narrator that what she heard is true.

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