However, if you are a Disney fan, a cosplayer, an artist, someone who has been bullied, or someone who wants to find one’s self, you should find out more about Richard Schaefer.

He is the guy who had experienced bullying in his younger years as having an androgynous look. Instead of shying away from it, he made it an asset. Being a freelance makeup artist, Schaefer started turning himself into Disney princesses and princes. By going through some of the photos he posted in Instagram, you could say that the guy has serious talent and skill.

Schaefer is from Orange County, California. He loves the House of Mouse. He started cosplaying about four years ago. What’s even more interesting with Schaefer is that he doesn’t only know makeup; he also creates costume. He said that he learned the craft while trying to make use of his idle time in school to divert his attention from the people who have been bullying him. As for the makeup part, the artist said that it takes him two hours to finish his every look. According to him, the cosplay thing is helping him to gain more confidence as a person.

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