For instance, after hearing the news of the shooting, a few men said that they actually knew Mateen from the Pulse, which he visited in the past - and not once. Others told the press that they even saw him on gay dating apps. Another man revealed that Mateen asked him out back when he was in high school.

Wait, what?!

However, it's not like this changes anything. As a GLAAD representative affirmed, “whether the gunman’s homophobia spurred from hatred of others or hatred of himself, this is homophobia all the same.

One thing is sure: Mateen was far from stable. He was far from sane. His ex-wife revealed that he used to beat her pretty much every day when they were together, and some of his former work peers said that he was "unhinged and unstable." He was also no stranger to the FBI, who had already questioned him three times before Pulse. Given that "he had links to al-Qaida, Hezbollah and the Islamic State", as FBI director James Comey said, a 10-month long investigation about him was also carried out back in 2013.

And yet this man was still roaming the streets. He even had a job as a security guard at an Orlando courthouse.

And the worst thing is, Mateen took all these people unawares. They were having fun, singing and dancing with their loved ones, and he took advantage of this. He murdered them in the most cowardly way possible. And he managed to end all these people's lives, like, in an instant. And he ruined their families' lives too.

For the first time ever, I'm feeling extremely sad to tell you about something that's gone viral. I'm talking about this conversation between Eddie Justice and his mom Mina.

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