We brought you a video about how LEGO blocks can be helpful around the house and we’re sure you’ll use some of these hacks in your life as well.

LEGO Helps With Technology


If you haven’t found out the way how to deal with your phone, hard drive or something else, you should use LEGO hacks for it. Using LEGO blocks, you can create a phone holder for your favorite technology item and you would need only a few LEGO blocks and a dose of creativity. Also, if your phone is charging you don’t need to move it from the LEGO phone holder, just remove the base plate and you will get a gap for your charging dock. Pretty cool idea, isn’t it?

To make it more unique, let’s go wireless! But you will need a Qi to make this LEGO hack. Put your charging pad on a base plate; build around it with blocks to hold it in place and in the end just run your cable to wireless charging pad. In case you’re having problems with the external hard drive, we found a way to deal with it! You just need to apply adhesive strip on the LEGO; stick it on your hard drive, do the same with a laptop, and just plug it in. Doesn’t cost you a thing and it’s very useful.

More LEGO House-Hacks


If you have a problem with your entryway and always need someone to hold it, don’t buy a doorstop. Just dig in your toys and find appropriate LEGO blocks to create a ledge to stop the hatch. LEGO blocks help with the door and helps with the paper clip holders as well. If you are tired of seeing paper clip holders all over your desk, just create something from the blocks and add a magnet in it to hold the clip holders.


For flower lovers, there is a hack as well. Flower pot can be easily created from LEGO blocks, and leaves enormous space for creativity. Just remember you will need to add some soil to it, so make sure to leave space for it.

If you want everyone to notice and admire your creativity you should create coasters for drinks from LEGO blocks. You can choose any colors you want, any shape you want and it will still look pretty amazing. All of your guests will envy you. Or if you want to get more admiration for your creativity; why not to make a LEGO mini chess? This will take a bit of planning and time, but the result is awesome.

Be Creative!


After you’ve seen this video you have probably thought “oh, I could think of something like this too”, but why you didn’t? Now go and play with your LEGOs.