Here’s another incident that does that. When a not so little elephant calf fell down in an uncovered drain in Sri Lanka, it could have thought that it was the end of its life. You could see through a video documentation that the calf was not only in a vulnerable situation; it was startled and helpless and at the mercy of any kind soul who could pull it out of the pit.

The little elephant was pleading for help and you could see it in its eyes. Gone were the joys of youth. Its eyes had seen terror and even the viewers of the video could see it. The heavens could have heard the little elephant’s prayers that day since there was a group of workers who heeded its call for help. It didn’t take long for the workers to decide to help the poor thing out from the hole, but it was not so easy for them. They had to use the power tools they had to create a larger dent in the hole so the calf could be pulled out with lesser harm on it.

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