Mastermind Behind Apology Revealed

When dogs-drama ended, Depp and Amber decided to make a video apology to the Australian government. The video begins with Amber saying; “Australia is a wonderful island with a treasure trove of unique plants, animals and people”, while Depp added to it; “It has to be protected”. Australia has to be protected from little dogs, but it doesn’t even matter that you can die because of so many poisonous creatures there. In their video apology, they sarcastically urged people to respect the quarantine laws, but the funniest part of this video is their dead-pan tone and Depp's odd manner.

On the Jimmy Kimmel show, we found out that video-apology script was actually written by genius Depp. Of course Depp couldn’t spare Joyce because of his words; “Looks somehow inbred with a tomato. It’s not a criticism, I’m just saying, I was a little worried, he might explode.” And to add, the best part of Jimmy show was when Depp kissed him, just for giggles.


This Depp-Amber-Australia drama gave us a pretty cool lesson. Before visiting another country you should take a look at its law rules. You could search it on the internet, and keep in mind that knowing local rules can save you not just money, but and in some countries, it can even save your life.

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