Wouldn't be awkward if you meet a person that has the same first and last name as you, and you eventually married that person? Well, that happened to Kelly Hildebrandt, when she found a man on Facebook with whom she shared both first and last names. After a series of messages, they've met up in person and eventually got married. Unfortunately, this isn't one of those happy ending stories, because they had a divorce after three years of marriage. Who knows, maybe it was just too awkward.

In December 2005, Sharon Tendler, a 41-year-old eccentric British millionaire, married the love of her life, a dolphin named Cindy, at an Israeli resort. Sharon Tendler met Cindy 15 years earlier when she first visited the resort. After a year-long romance, Tendler decided to make it official.

It's a Wild World

Do you believe us now that love is blind? These couples were all about love, and they didn't care what their environment thinks about them, but some of them should have considered their choices. To see the full story about these and other strange couples, check out our video.

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