Unfortunately, many people are being in life danger because of their own lack of attention. Other times it can be because of the city or country fault for not letting people know where endangered places are. This time, sadly, it was the humans who were wrong. We bring you a story about a woman losing her life while she was just searching for some night swimming.

What Really Happened?


Two women were walking in Daintree national park in Queensland, Australia, when they decided to swim for a bit. It was already past 10pm when they went into the waist high water. They felt nudged and knew something wasn’t good. A moment after one woman, Cindy Waldron, was dragged into the water by a crocodile and despite her friend trying; she didn’t succeed in helping her. After the accident, another woman ended in the hospital because of shock she experienced.

Search and rescue operation was launched but nothing helped, Cindy couldn’t be found. Unfortunately, this all was caused by human lack of attention. A crocodile that is 5 meters long have been sighted in that area already and as well there were safety signs showing there is a danger of crocodiles. These two friends choose a wrong place and wrong time for swimming.

What is Australia Doing?


Crocodile attacks are increasing in many countries, but some places are doing a better job than others in keeping places safe from crocodiles. Since 1971, Australia has witnessed 99 attacks on people by saltwater crocodiles, of which 27% were fatal. On average, that’s around 2.3 attacks per year over four decades. That’s pretty good statistic for a country who has the most saltwater crocodiles in the world, and who has an active human population that spends a lot of time in and around water. With a rising number of large crocodiles appearing everywhere, we might expect a greater proportion of fatal attacks in the future.

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